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COPD and GERD: How Does GERD Affect COPD Symptoms?

The Link Between COPD and GERD

If you have a have diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) you have a have a higher than average likelihood of also being diagnosed with gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is sometimes referred to as acid reflux disease. The symptoms of COPD and GERD exacerbate each other. Experts disagree about the exact number of people who have both COPD and GERD, but it is estimated that between one in two and one in three...

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COPD Epidemic

Research Predicts COPD Epidemic

New research is predicting a COPD epidemic with a staggering increase in COPD cases over the next couple of decades, despite falling smoking rates.
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Link Between COPD and Psoriasis

Research Finds a Link Between COPD and Psoriasis

A 2015 study has determined a connection between COPD and psoriasis, hopefully leading to better treatment and prevention of COPD in the future.
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COPD Patient Runs Marathon

Post-Marathon With COPD Athlete Russell

"6 hours and 5 minutes after starting the New York marathon it was all over and I was satisfied that six months of hard work had paid off," writes Russell.
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Russell Winwood NY Marathon

New York Marathon Victory for COPD Athlete

Running a marathon is an impressive feat for anyone. For Russell Winwood, a stage IV COPD patient, impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it.
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A New York Marathon Update from COPD Athlete Russell

A New York Marathon Update from COPD Athlete Russell

There's no better stage than the New York marathon to bring COPD and other lung diseases into focus!
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Recent COPD Research Findings

Recent COPD Research Findings

Findings from two recent COPD research studies have shed new light on development, progression and treatment of the disease.
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Leonard Nimoy COPD

Leonard Nimoy Didn’t Let COPD ‘Diminish His Capacity for Joy’

The late Leonard Nimoy refused to let his COPD and its limitations stop him from living life to the fullest, says friend and fellow actor Zachary Quinto.
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COPD Lung Function

New Drug Improves Lung Function in COPD Patients

An experimental drug being tested by AstraZeneca for chronic lung disease may help improve COPD lung function, a new study has shown.
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COPD Combo Therapy

COPD Combo Therapy Is Effective, Study Shows

A combination of two COPD medications, known as COPD combo therapy, may be the best treatment for the illness, a Canadian study has found.
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New Treatments for COPD

Two New Treatments for COPD Offer Hope

According to research, two experimental therapies may be able to control the condition of COPD, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
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