New York Marathon Victory for COPD Athlete

New York Marathon Victory for COPD Athlete

Russell Winwood’s NY Marathon Success

Running a marathon is an impressive feat for anyone. For Russell Winwood, a stage IV COPD patient with less than 30% lung function, impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Russell ran the New York Marathon yesterday, covering the 26.2 miles (42.2 km) in six hours, five minutes.

“It was a tough race for me with plenty of inclines and smoke in the air. My time was a little slower than what I’d hoped for but all things considered I’m happy with the way the day went.”

And rightly so — the 49-year-old Australian is likely the first stage IV COPD patient to complete a marathon. But for Russell the journey to the finish line was about much more than a personal sense of satisfaction.

“Yesterday wasn’t all about running a marathon. It was more about showing people with respiratory disease what exercise can do for you.

“When I was first diagnosed I never thought I’d be able to do events like this. I’m living proof of what is possible when you lead a healthy active lifestyle.”

Read more about Russell on his NewLifeOutlook author page or visit his blog, COPD Athlete.

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Nov 2, 2015
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by Russell Winwood on November 17, 2015
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