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Patricia Bratianu
Patricia Bratianu
May 17, 2019
These alternative treatments for COPD may be able to help you manage your condition, while also decreasing the need for some medications.

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COPD and Air Quality

How Does Air Quality Affect COPD Symptoms?

To keep symptoms under control it is important to monitor COPD and air quality, ensuring you minimize exposure to low-quality air.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on March 5, 2019
COPD Mucus

Reduce COPD Mucus With These Techniques

COPD can affect people differently, and depending on whether bronchitis or emphysema is more prominent, COPD mucus build-up becomes a problem.
by Josh Duvauchelle and Angela Finlay on November 13, 2018
Things to Avoid With COPD

Three Things to Avoid With COPD

There may be some habits in your daily life that are contributing to your COPD symptoms. Here are three things to avoid with COPD.
by Russell Winwood on September 12, 2018
COPD and Allergies

Tips for Coping With COPD and Allergies

If you're suffering from COPD and allergies, there are a few ways to avoid or prevent an allergic reaction and reduce your chances of a COPD exacerbation.
by Russell Winwood on July 5, 2018
Traveling With COPD

Make Traveling With COPD a Breeze!

Traveling with COPD doesn't have to be daunting. Check out these helpful tips from Russell to prepare yourself for your next trip.
by Russell Winwood on June 26, 2018
Medical Bracelet for COPD

Should You Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet for COPD?

If you or a loved one have COPD, wearing a medical bracelet for COPD can help save a life. Learn the benefits of wearing a medical ID here.
by American Medical ID on May 31, 2018
Gardening With COPD

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Gardening With COPD

If you're longing to get outside, there are ways you can still do gardening with COPD without experiencing flare-ups — you just need to make some changes.
by Russell Winwood on May 15, 2018
Choosing Clothes for COPD

What Should You Wear If You Have COPD?

You will likely be choosing clothes for COPD based on how comfortable they are, because you know comfort and conserving energy are important.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on May 8, 2018
COPD in the Kitchen

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Manage COPD in the kitchen by planning meals ahead of time. This will help cut down on the amount of time you spend cooking so you can conserve your energy.
by Russell Winwood on March 20, 2018
Places to Avoid With COPD

Places to Avoid With COPD: Steer Clear of These Cities!

Here are some of the places to avoid with COPD that may not be the best choice for you when visiting and traveling in 2018.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on March 6, 2018
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