COPD and Depression
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
April 16, 2019
COPD and depression often coexist, with the stress of a diagnosis often acting as a trigger. Fight back against COPD-related depression with these tips.

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Best Places to Live With COPD

The Best Places to Live With COPD – Is Where You Live COPD Friendly?

If you have COPD, you know certain weather exacerbates your condition. Here are some of the best places to live with COPD according to the Lung Institute.
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Following a COPD Diet for Symptom Management

There is a range of foods that should be a part of your COPD diet to help with lung health. Consider these tips for eating well with COPD.
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Walking With COPD

One Step at a Time: How to Get Walking With COPD

Breathing issues can make exercise uncomfortable but a low-impact activity like walking with COPD is one of the best ways to maintain strength and energy.
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COPD Fatigue

Do You Suffer From COPD Fatigue?

Many things can bring on fatigue, but there are many approaches to overcome it, too. Learn about COPD fatigue and what can be done to manage it.
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Video COPD and Physical Exercise

COPD and Getting Started With Exercise

COPD and physical exercise – If you're thinking about starting an active lifestyle, Russell shares his exercise tips to help get you started.
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Video Breathing Exercises To Try For COPD Patients

Breathing Exercises for COPD Patients to Try

COPD can cause the lungs to weaken, but here are two breathing exercises you can perform at home to keep your lungs in stronger shape.
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Are There Certain Foods COPD Patients Should Avoid?

Are There Any Foods COPD Patients Should Avoid?

While there is no exact list of foods to avoid with COPD because food triggers vary from person to person, watching your diet can help with your symptoms.
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Uniting COPD Patients

The Importance of Uniting COPD Patients

"Whether it's in business, sports or family and friends, there is no doubt a united team is a strong team," Russell writes on uniting COPD patients.
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COPD Nutrition

COPD Nutrition Tips to Help You Breathe Easier

"One of the lessons I’ve learned on my COPD journey is the role good nutrition plays in dealing with this disease," Russell writes on COPD nutrition.
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Video Caring for Someone With COPD video

Caring for Someone With COPD

Caring for a loved one is a wonderful thing, but it can also be extremely challenging. Use these tips for being a caregiver while still caring for yourself.
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