COPD and Depression
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
April 16, 2019
COPD and depression often coexist, with the stress of a diagnosis often acting as a trigger. Fight back against COPD-related depression with these tips.

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6 Tips for Getting Going in the Morning With COPD

Mucus accumulation overnight can make mornings with COPD a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make mornings easier.
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Yoga for COPD

Using Yoga for COPD Management

Living with COPD is difficult at the best of times. Luckily, yoga for COPD is showing promise as an effective tool for fitness and management.
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COPD and Running

Running the New York City Marathon

"In my endeavour to continually shine a light on COPD and asthma, I’m running the New York City Marathon," writes stage IV COPD patient Russ.
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COPD and Weight Loss

The Connection Between COPD and Weight Loss

There is an obvious connection between COPD and weight loss with 40% to 70% of COPD sufferers losing weight without wanting to do so.
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COPD and Sex

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Exercise for COPD

The Ins and Outs of Exercising With COPD

The most important rule of exercising for COPD is sustainability, because without a plan to sustain your exercise program, you will not stick to it.
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Exercising While on Oxygen

Exercising While on Oxygen

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Quit Smoking With COPD

How to Quit Smoking With COPD

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