How to Continue Working With COPD
Russell Winwood
Russell Winwood
January 15, 2019
There are many things to consider when deciding whether you will keep working with COPD. If you decide you want to continue, consider making these changes.

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COPD Oxygen Therapy

Coping With COPD Oxygen Therapy

You may struggle to cope with COPD oxygen therapy initially. Consider these tips for working through this new stage in your condition.
by Eric Patterson and Brenda Vanta on November 13, 2014
Lung Flute for COPD

Lung Flute for COPD

The lung flute for COPD helps to dislodge phlegm stuck on the bottom of the lungs, making it easier to breathe.
by Amy Manley on November 11, 2014
Healing Words

Healing Words

Is there such a thing as healing words? Can words actually help someone in the healing process? Just think of the last time you were offered a compliment.
by Yvonne Banks on September 15, 2014
Shortness of Breath Treatments

Blowing Up Balloons and Other Fun Shortness of Breath Treatments

Treatment for shortness of breath usually includes breathing exercises. But these can get monotonous — so try something a little more fun!
by Yvonne Banks and Brenda Vanta on September 3, 2014
COPD Massage

Can You Still Get Massages With COPD?

A COPD massage will help you relieve stress and reduce pain, just be aware of which type of massage will suit you best based on the stage of your condition.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 18, 2014
Chiropractic Care for COPD

Chiropractic Care for COPD

Manipulation of the spine increases the range of motion in joints and decreases muscle spasticity. The result? It becomes easier to breathe.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 12, 2014
COPD Clinical Trials

How to Benefit From COPD Clinical Trials

You see it in the newspaper, online, or on the radio: a new trial wants to compensate you. Here's what to consider before joining COPD clinical trials.
by Brenda Vanta on August 12, 2014
Acupuncture for COPD

Acupuncture for COPD Treatment

Have you considered acupuncture for COPD treatment? Try it out for an increased sense of wellbeing, as well as symptom and pain relief.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 5, 2014
Pulse Oximetry

Pulse Oximetry Monitoring for COPD

With pulse oximetry now widely available, you can learn more about what the device has to offer and determine if buying your own would be a good choice.
by Amy Manley on July 29, 2014

LVRS Benefits for COPD

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS) is a relatively new procedure used to treat some cases of emphysema, and it has been shown to improve survival rates and quality of life
by Angela Finlay on July 10, 2014