COPD Mucus
Josh Duvauchelle
Josh Duvauchelle
November 13, 2018
COPD can affect people differently, and depending on whether bronchitis or emphysema is more prominent, COPD mucus build-up becomes a problem.

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Beta Blockers and COPD

Can Beta Blockers Help COPD Symptoms?

If you have COPD, your doctor may have mentioned the use of beta blockers as a COPD treatment. Learn more about beta blockers and COPD here.
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Oxygen Therapy for COPD

How Will Supplementary Oxygen Affect You?

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or a COPD veteran, chances are if you haven’t already, at some stage you'll be dealing with oxygen therapy for COPD.
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COPD Treatment

7 COPD Treatment Options Worth Researching

We’ve compiled general and need-to-know information about COPD treatment. Here's what you need to know about these seven popular treatment options.
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COPD Action Plan

What Is a COPD Action Plan? And How Can it Help Me?

Managing COPD includes creating and following a COPD action plan to help reduce exacerbation recovery time significantly.
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Affording COPD Treatment

Having Trouble Affording COPD Medications? Here Are Some Options

COPD medications can be very expensive, and since they’re life-long additions to your treatment plan, it’s important to find ways to keep costs down.
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What If COPD Medications Don't Work?

What If COPD Medications Don’t Work?

Learning your medication isn't working can be a stressful and scary time, but it doesn't have to be. Here's what to do if your COPD medications don't work.
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COPD Medications

Understanding Bronchodilators, Corticosteroids and More COPD Medications

Although COPD can’t be reversed, the right COPD medications can slow the progression of the disease, decrease pain and improve your quality of life.
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COPD Inhalers

The Different Types of COPD Inhalers and How to Use Them Properly

With many kinds of COPD inhalers available now, it can be confusing to know how they all work. Learn how to use them properly to get optimal results.
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Breathing Exercises for COPD

How Breathing Exercises for COPD Can Help

Breathing exercises for COPD should take center stage in your management plan. The keys to improvement are persistence, form and patience.
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Video 7 Natural Remedies For Coping With COPD

7 Natural Remedies For Coping With COPD

COPD treatment aims to slow disease progression and preserve your breathing. Ease symptoms and flares even further with these natural treatments.
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