Things to Avoid With COPD
Russell Winwood
Russell Winwood
September 12, 2018
There may be some habits in your daily life that are contributing to your COPD symptoms. Here are three things to avoid with COPD.

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COPD and Air Pollution

COPD and Air Pollution: A Risky Combination

Air pollution is considered to be an unavoidable COPD trigger and can send your lungs into overdrive causing an exacerbation.
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COPD in Non-Smokers

Can Non-Smokers Have COPD?

Ten percent of people with COPD are non-smokers. What are the risk factors causing COPD in non-smokers and how can COPD be treated?
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What Causes COPD?

What Causes COPD?

What causes COPD? 85 to 90 percent of COPD cases are a direct cause of smoking cigarettes, but there are several other factors, too.
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COPD Gender Differences

Are Men or Women at Greater Risk for COPD?

Scientists suggest it’s not such an even playing field in terms of symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis when it comes to COPD gender differences.
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How are COPD and CHF Different?

How are COPD and CHF Different?

COPD and CHF can occur independently of each other as well. A number of the symptoms of COPD and CHF resemble each other, while others are different.
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Occupational Considerations and COPD

Occupational Considerations and COPD

While smoking is the leading cause of the development of COPD, a variety of occupations have been linked with an increased prevalence of this condition.
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