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COPD Fatigue: Find the Source of COPD Fatigue to Re

COPD Fatigue

Many people shrug off fatigue a mild discomfort, but chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients know how serious it can become. One bout of exhaustion is an annoyance, but when you can hardly keep your eyes open or your body upright, your whole life will suffer in a big way. Fatigue is a lack of physical energy or mental concentration, and it’s the second biggest complaint among COPD patients, next to breathlessness. Your level of fatigue...

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COPD Nutrition

COPD Nutrition Tips to Help You Breathe Easier

"One of the lessons I’ve learned on my COPD journey is the role good nutrition plays in dealing with this disease," Russell writes on COPD nutrition.
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COPD and Weight Loss

The Connection Between COPD and Weight Loss

There is an obvious connection between COPD and weight loss with 40% to 70% of COPD sufferers losing weight without wanting to do so.
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Following a COPD Diet for Symptom Management

There is a range of foods that should be a part of your COPD diet to help with lung health. Consider these tips for eating well with COPD.
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Soups for COPD

Try These Delicious Fall Soups for COPD

Eating soup is one of the best methods to boost the immune system. Try some of these soups for COPD to help ward off colds and the flu this chilly season.
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COPD Recipes

Salad Recipes to Soothe COPD Symptoms

Getting your veggies is an important part to curbing COPD symptoms. Why not try adding them in to salads? Here are some great COPD recipes to try today!
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