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COPD and GERD: How Does GERD Affect COPD Symptoms?

The Link Between COPD and GERD

If you have a have diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) you have a have a higher than average likelihood of also being diagnosed with gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is sometimes referred to as acid reflux disease. The symptoms of COPD and GERD exacerbate each other. Experts disagree about the exact number of people who have both COPD and GERD, but it is estimated that between one in two and one in three...

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Infographic copd and anxiety infographic

How to Ease Your COPD Anxiety

Many COPD sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to the pain and stress COPD causes.
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COPD and Emphysema

Understanding COPD and Emphysema

COPD and emphysema are different diagnoses, but there’s a good deal of overlap. Learn what emphysema means and how it will factor into your COPD management.
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Symptoms of COPD

The Symptoms of COPD and What Causes Them

COPD symptoms often don’t become obvious until the lungs have accumulated significant damage. Symptoms include shortness of breath, chronic cough and more.
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COPD and Headaches

COPD and Headaches

COPD and headaches commonly occur together. Morning headaches are especially common. Learn about why and how to prevent them here.
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COPD and Chronic Cough

COPD and Chronic Cough

COPD and chronic cough go hand in hand. Learn about why you cough so much, and how you can bring it under control.
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COPD Cough

Simple Changes That Can Relieve COPD Cough

The chronic cough associated with COPD can be difficult to cope with. Nurse Patricia Bratianu looks at some at-home ways you can manage your COPD cough.
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COPD and Anxiety

Why Are COPD and Anxiety Connected?

COPD and anxiety often go hand-in-hand — up to 75 percent of patients with severe COPD are thought to also struggle with anxiety.
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COPD Exacerbation

COPD Exacerbation

COPD exacerbations can be dangerous. Keep yourself safe by learning how to spot the first signs – it could save you a trip to the emergency room.
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What Are COPD GOLD Stages?

COPD symptom progression is not divided into clear, visible stages. Instead, professionals use the COPD GOLD stages as criteria to track the disease.
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Does COPD Cause Fatigue?

COPD fatigue can be linked closely to the shortness of breath and lack of exercise. Learn what might help you improve your COPD fatigue.
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