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Most life-long smokers can’t kick the habit with willpower alone. There are several smoking cessations that have been proven to decrease the urge to smoke.

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  • SharonaSharona Member
    I got ill the first week of March this year and ended up in the hospital for a week and was told I have COPD. I could not get any air or at least I felt that way. I smoked for over fifty years a pack or sometimes a little more a day. I have not smoked since the hospital stay and I took nothing too help me stop. I just said I am done and too sick to smoke. I really never tried to quit , but I have never not been able to get my breath before. It was not hard for me and I can't believe that I don't miss my crutch. It must be more of a mental condition as I have not had cravings at all. The lung doctor had told me I would probably be on oxygen all the time but after three weeks I was able to get off it although he thought it best I use it a night. I am so happy not to be so tied down with it all the time that I do appreciate life a lot more. I am not happy with this situation but it could be worse. I do feel compassion for anyone with this illness and I understand that you can feel very guilty for possibly causing it.
  • The beginning of December will be 5 years that I quit. I took Chantix for about a week but it made me sleep all the time and feel like a zombie so I just quit. I have never really had any cravings and didn't find it difficult to quit. Probably because I really wanted to quit. I felt like it was either quit or die. Not a hard decision when you are at that point.
  • @Lucy1951 I know what you mean. Mine was similar to you. I finally decided to quit in Sept. of 2011. I took Chantix for the first week while I smoked but 2 days after I quit, the Chantix was bothering my stomach so I quit taking that also. I have never had a craving or back slide. I was ready to quit and I did.
  • Good a.m. Everyone!
    I've been diagnosed with severe COPD. I quit smoking for two years, and unfortunately got "back on the wagon" I need all the support, and encouragement from those who know just how hard it is to quit and stay tobacco free. I can be of support too :) We CAN do this together.
    Thanks for listening
    God Bless, Be Well
  • @Sharona
    Kudos for your success Sharona! I am so happy for you! I know I can do it. I've quit three times in my life, for a couple of years at a time, then I backslide. I know one of these times I will quit for life. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless, Be Well
  • I came home one (Jan 1,2000) told my wife I was quitting smoking after 30 years and was sometimes 2 packer a day and she said when. I said right now and this is 3/24/2016, And stopped cold turkey and have not smoked since nor had any cravings to smoke But do Have COPD enphasama(sp) and have good and bad days breatheing. I take albuterol breathing solution and sometimes use a rescue inhaler(same medicine) I do walk a lot with my dog but unless Im doing something wrong It doesn't seem to help. I understand their are program that I possibly could attend to learn about better breathing habits and proper excercising etc. Can I get advice on these programs and advice how to get enrolled. Thank You Richard Downs
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Flyer1940 Wow, good for you for quitting cold turkey! That's not an easy task, but it's definitely an important step in helping to cope with COPD symptoms! There are some breathing techniques and exercises you can try here:

    I hope this helps! :)
  • I am what they call a spoonie. I have many health issues.Some have not showed up, thats called RNP, when they are still jiding which jopefully will stay that way. I hope my story helps all of you as my desire left is awareness now. I was bedridden for 2 yrs with copd, asthma and chronic bronchitis. I was on the nebulizer 4xs a day and 2 inhalers but carried the emergency inhaler and if I went anywhere I had to brink the nebulizer with me. Never make it. I had nodules on my lungs don't know how big what size, didn't matter, I could barely get from the bathroom to bed again. I was 50. At that point quit smoking 17 yrs. Knowledge if someone tells you its anxiety because your oxygen level is 100% get checked for lupus, it can be hiding behind your lungs. Well I ended up having that on top of that but until 3 wks and Dr's sent me to a heart specialist he said get dressed, I couldn't. He came back in and thank God a Pulmonologist was downstairs and a nurse dressed me. The smart nurse asked me who the President was, and I started crying and I said can you give me sometime to think. Someone must have heard that because an ambulance was there it seemed in a second. My lungs were the size of a straw because 3 weeks no dr believed me because my oxygen was 100%. Lesson 1.
    Lesson 2 YOU are on comtrol of your body and researching. I trusted everything yhe drs said, but after almost dying 4 times and being on 17 medications I wasn't better which was WHY I WAS DEPRESSED. Time for a change. I went on Long story short, I have all the proof FOR THE LUNGS. ITS 2 yrs now. There is a natural breakthrough company 40 yrs in research. I was the worse skeptic and studied the company 6 months before even trying the product and knew people who took it. Now THATS a skeptic. We all have NRF2 cells which tire/age. Protandim activates NRF2 cells naturally multiplying them one million times a SECOND per SECOND. Besides my not ever using a nebulizer or inhaler in 2 yrs my nodules are gone. Protandim is also scientifically proven. I want to saya few things its for many oxidative stress diseases.My gall bladder was saved, My kidney tumor went away, I physically think I would scare you if I told you what is wrong with me I don't take pain meds at all. Ex. Lupus like Pac man. The bad cells attack the good cells until you are crippled in a wheel chair. BUT WHAT IF you were multiplying healthy cells at a rate of one million times a SECOND per SECOND. BAD cells could never catch up. You just have to relax or try not to stress out. My ANA was a 0 for 18 months until mom was diagnosed with dementia. My best friend. The other thing I wanted to say were my insides and health folder were extremely thick and I had grown tumors every 9 months, hemorrhaging and needed surgery every 9 months. My insides are taught for future generations at NYU MEDICAL. For 2 yrs on Protandim I haven't grown a tumor. Many things have changed to I still have doseases, YES, so for me I het aeareness out so others can take Protandim activatetheir NRF2 cells naturally and not suufer because pharmaceutical companies are making a synthetic NRF2 and you will have side effects. But Lesson 3 on Copd. Albuterol helps us breath but no one tells you but YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. Inhalers and Nebulizers cause osteoporosis. I was 52 years old and was called a yr later and my gyn was almost crying because my bone density was 20% worse than my severe diagnosis last year. But he said aren't you on estrogen, yes dr, 11 yrs since the hysterectomy, and he said aren't you taking Vitamin D, I said yes, 50,000 on Thurs and 50,000 on Sunday. He said something is terribly wrong. I RESEARCHED!
    Protandim took me about a yr for my lungs but when started in August you don't get the flu, it's the greatest antioxidant EVER in the world. I don't want to give out my website because I don't know if its allowed, I want you to know there is hope and WE HAVE CHOICES. Stay on all medications, you will feel better and know, when to go less and less. My mom was the same she is now on A morning nebulizer and Brio, I think its new. She is 78, but does lots of gardening.Much Health.

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