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COPD can affect people differently depending on whether bronchitis or emphysema is more prominent, mucus build-up eventually becomes a problem.

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  • After five (!) hospital stays, I was finally taught how to breathe to dislodge mucus. Amazing difference, particularly when I breathe out as far as I can. This usually prompts a cough and I can eject the mucus after about three tries. First thing in the morning is worst, but always feel immeasurably better afterwards. Knowledge is a powerful tool!
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    Mucinex from the drugstore is used by many who have COPD to reduce or get rid of mucus.
  • Well this is a great reminder , I'm quite relived that this is one of them things I only get when I'm getting sick ,I have so many others to deal with I find that if you are not to sick to get up and exercise everyday you will feel better ,being setateary can be one of the worst thing we can do ,just recently I have started again it's so hard to stay with it we always after awhile make excuses but now I realize I must do this I'm getting so heavy and after what I went through I just think of it and I never want that again ,so that's my motivation and its enough to make u run,
  • My problem is Bronchiectasis - I use Mucinex am and pm, also nebulizer with mucomyst and albuterol am and pm - they seem to help for about an hour, then nothing seems to help - just cough and cough and cough, little mucus, MUCH cough - really discouraging. New pulmonary dr. is supposed to call me this afternoon, had a bronchoscopy a week ago, we'll see if there's any help forthcoming - I'm really tired;hoping for the best.
  • Bronchiectasis and mild emphasema - bad combo.

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