problems with medicines,

i cannot get an answer from anybody,on when should i take my meds,and which ones take together i have COPD stage meds are DALERCEP once a day.ARTROVENT twice a day.SOPIOLTO RESPIMAT once a day.SERETIDE DISCUS twice a day.and FORADIL twice a day .would be glad if someone could help me out with this.i live in israel and its difficult to get proper answers.looking forward to your reply. all the best bryan24.


  • Bryan, I sorry I am unable to help you out because I am stage 4 and the only medicine I'm on is symbicort and my rescue inhaler. I decided a long time ago that less is best. All medicine's for copd comes with side affect's and the worse one is weakening your immunity. Eating organic, non GMO's, exercise and dust free home works for me.

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