COMMUNITY QUESTIONS: Can cannabis oil improve COPD symptoms?

Judy asks: 'Has anyone had success with cannabis oil for COPD treatment?'


  • @AlyssaWinegarden I have often thought of this question Alyssa I do know we can't smoke it and I haven't talked to anyone who has experienced using the oil
  • JakeJake Member
    Does cannabis oil or thc spray help with copd
  • I have COPD, but I have minor symptoms and problems with it now. I have been taking cannabis oil for over a year and my symptoms have diminished remarkably. I do not have mucus problems, I did before I started taking the oil, it was bad. I had problems each and every time I tried to go to bed. My mattress had to be raised at the head of my bed because I could not lay flat, I could not breathe. When I tried to lay down I would start coughing and it would last about 20 minutes. Then in the morning, I would cough up anywhere between a quarter cup to maybe a third of a cup of phlegm every morning. UGH, it was so nasty. I would get sick with bronchitis every 3 or 4 months, and had pneumonia several times, each time I thought "This is it!" I had so much trouble trying to breathe. I started walking every day. I would have to stop and gasp for air at times but I kept putting one foot in front of the other, and found I could go a little farther each week. I did some research to find out what i could do to be able to fight the symptoms of COPD. Then I learned about Cannabis oil. I take about maybe a grain of rice twice a day now and I have no mucus at all. My doctor says each visit my lungs are clearer than the last. I have been very honest with my doctor every step of the way. I do not smoke it at all, I only take the oil and I put a small amount (the size of a grain of rice) in a capsule and swallow it. I don't get high from the oil, I don't have enough in my system to cause a "high" but my body works better when I take it daily. I have had COPD since 2003, and I feel healthier now than when I was first diagnosed. I exercise daily, I eat healthy, I rarely drink alcohol, and I can breathe! So I have to say YES Cannabis Oil is very beneficial for COPD. If you smoke stop, exercise daily and eat healthy foods, and you'll find COPD doesn't have to control your life.

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