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imageStages of COPD

COPD symptom progression is not divided into clear, visible stages. Instead, professionals use the COPD GOLD stages as criteria to track the disease.

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  • I was wondering if somebody can explain to me why sometimes my sats are good but I am havihg trouble breathing. I don't understand this. Any help would be appreciated.
  • @barbmo56 Shortness of breath is not directly linked to low oxygen saturation in the blood. They are two different issues. We can be short of breath with a high oxygen saturation in the blood. Also, we can have a low oxygen sat without too much shortness of breath.

    Shortness of breath can be caused by swelling or irritation to the airways as well as bronchospasm. Rescue inhaler or nebulizer treatment and sometime Prednisone as ordered by your doctor to reduce any swelling. Oxygen and the nebulizer treatment as ordered by your doctor, helps to dilate the airways in the lungs which allow for more gas exchange and get rid of carbon dioxide (C02).
  • I am 62..told this spring that I have copd....I am not as active. staying home so I wont catch anything..can do some housework but then I am tired the rest of the day..Had a lot of problems with my meds..have allergies to quite a few of them..anyone else have that problem??
  • I am 59 and have been disabled with COPD since 2009. I always worked, took care of 3 kids, and now do not have enough energy to clean my own house! So irritating!! Also cannot use Clorox anymore. It gave me pneumonia one year! COPD SUCKS!!
  • I am 79 years old and have COPD. I have had it for 18 yrs. I am only on oxygen at night. During the day I am not as active as I should be but will be working on that in Fl. this winter. Had to hire a lady to clean my house as I cannot do it anymore. I also purchased a electric scooter to get around so I do not have to walk long distances. Works great at the Mall. My biggest fear is getting a cold or flu. Flu shots work great. I am in stage 4 of this debilitating COPD. I struggle every time I try to do simple chores but I do the best I can. I just learned of a stem cell treatment but it is very expensive at $6,000 per treatment but I have decided they would only want me to do a series of treatments which is just too expensive to try. I take a Pulmonary function test every year and I am living proof that I can live with this horrible disease. God bless all of us !!!
  • @marleneslayter Hi, I live in FL and I have problems living here in the summer as the humidity is si high. I will be attending therapy classes where everyone there has some type of lung diseases. I am hoping this will improve the quality of my life. Bless you all and praying for much more AFFORDABLE cure
  • I would like to know how you feel when you are having a flare-up. Do you ever feel like your body is putting out heat but have no fever?
  • I have a problem with excessive heat and perspiring. But no fever. Is this a part of COPD?
  • I'm 71 years old, and I've been living with COPD for 12 years (I don't know what stage I'm at), but I've only recently quit smoking a year and a half ago If only I knew then what I know now.
    In the beginning, I brushed this diagnosis off like it was a common cold. After confirming with pulmonary, I was placed on a treatment program consisting of Advair, Spiriva, Singulaire, and of course Albuterol . I continued to smoke during this treatment regimen, and felt like I could still maintain my lifestyle. After years of semi annual trips to ER for breathing treatments, along with pneumonia on a annual basis, I decided to take charge of my health and well being. First I quit smoking, started exercising, particularily Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and started to listen to my Drs, and most of all my body. 98% of the co-workers I normally associated with were smokers, so I avoided those who could care less about COPD.
    While successfully completing an alcoholism treatment program, one of the things I took away from the program were "Triggers". I applied this same technique to my COPD and it has served me well.
    Six months ago, my Dr took me off Singulaire, changed my Advair from 250/50 to 100/50. and put me on Respimat Spiriva instead of the capsule. I also use my Albuterol like a preventive medication, which works well for me. Ctscans went from every 3 months to once a year with no significant changes to my lungs. My PFT's keep showing improvements.
    Now I can do my lawns, walk 18 holes, and take my dog for walks in the woods. My COPD is still with me, but as long as I continue to do the things that's right for me, there is no reason why I can't enjoy life with the new lease on life.
  • SheilaSheila Member
    My husband is 77 yrs old . He has COPD Hospice has been called in to take care of him. He is on oxygen 24/7 3 inhalers . We live in a mobile home . He can walk like 40 ft. To bathroom it's all he can do to make it there an back.
    It's very scary to watch him go through this an not to be able to do anything but pray God keeps his hands on him an help him get through all his health problems. He has congestive heart trouble high BP Diabecetic an COPD . So much going against him . Plus he is over weight. He has to use a walker now he fell in bathroom last week almost got hip. So lucky with that. He does not go out of house for nothing. Now hospice is here he doesn't go to his Dr.except sugar Dr. that is if he can make it. To talk to him an look at him you not think he was sick. But let him get up an walk different story.
    I read a lot about the COPD stages dr. Told him he was in 3 to start with a year later dr said it's time for hospice. Please keep him in your prayers. I see him everyday going down.
  • I have had ASTHMA my whole life but about 7 years ago my asthma got so bad and was diagnosed of EMPHYSEMA/COPD which was most likely due to the asthma. I was on double antibiotics and steroids, still didn't feel any better. My lungs were constantly wheezing in all four chambers, i already used Advair, Spiriva, and Albuterol in my nebulizer, they just didn’t do much. April 2016 my sister in-law told us about Rich Herbs Foundation where she ordered herbs that effectively treated her arthritis. We ordered their COPD herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report this COPD herbal treatment reversed my lungs condition. My quality of life has greatly improved and every one of my symptoms including difficulty breathing and wheezing are gone. Their official web page is ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om. I will be 52 soon and have never been healthier!
  • I am 66yo and have stage 4 emphysema with a FEV1 of 24% and have been since 2010 when I did my first PFT in New Orleans. I was in the first selection of patients in America in 2014 to receive the Lung Volume Coil Treatment that were implanted at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr in Boston, MA. I have 10 coils in each lung, The total process took 20 months from the time I enrolled, participated in mandatory testing and Dr appointments. The first 2 years after the LVCT, I hardly used any O2, never in the shower, never for sleeping. During the winter I would go to Florida for 6 months and I lived 1 mile from a golf driving range and walked with 2 clubs to the range, hit balls for an hour or so and walk back. A total of 2 miles along with the workout of hitting balls, three times a week, with no 02! The coils turned my life around 180 degrees where before the treatments, I was on 02 almost 24/7. The procedure increased my FEV1 by only 10 per cent, but what that small increase of my breathing did was a God sent! I do physical therapy every morning and try to walk at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. Unfortunately I had a setback in October and my lung was infected and eventually caught pneumonia and was hospitalized for 10 days, but now I am back to a full recovery but the demon emphysema is just letting me know who's in charge here, so keep exercising and thinking positive!

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